The and websites will officially close as of the 5th of March 2018. All our customers were informed about this closure, through direct email correspondence and public notice. Further, customers had the opportunity to withdraw remaining funds from their customer account in the time between the first notification of cessation of service and the time of the actual closure and migration. What if: • you did not manage to withdraw your funds within the specified time frame • you would like to continue gambling Then we have good news for you! The website was a part of a broader network under the EveryMatrix umbrella. Subsequently, as stated in the terms and conditions with which all customers have agreed, in the event of closure of one brand, we reserve the right to migrate customers to one of our other partners within the EveryMatrix network. Although will no longer be able to serve your gambling needs, our partner will now take over and offer you an exceptional remote gambling experience. All customers have been notified about this migration and our partner is looking forward to providing you with a great gambling experience and state-of-the-art customer service."